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City Chicks

Oct 3, 2012 6:00pm - 7:00pm
Oct 4, 2012 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Keeping Micro-Flocks of Chickens as Garden Helpers, Compost Makers, Bio-Recyclers and Local Food Suppliers

Evening Talk with Author Patricia Foreman
Wednesday, Oct 3rd from 6-7 pm
at Morrison-Reeves Library


Hands-On Workshop
Thursday, Oct 4th from 6-9 pm
at The Innovation Center
Must Pre-Register at 765.855.3188

Got Chickens? A desire for sustainable, clean, wholesome food, and
superior soil quality, has led more and more suburban and city dwellers
to keep laying hens in their backyards and gardens. Across America
municipalities are allowing, and even encouraging, residents to keep
laying hens within city limits.
This workshop covers:
• How to have fresh, heart-healthy eggs, daily from your
backyard home flock.
• The main considerations of caring for your hens including, hen
anatomy and physiology, behavior, handling, health, nutrition, egg
management, and housing. We will explore which chicken breeds
tend to do best in various climates.
• Employing your chicken’s “skill sets” as garden workers,
organic pesticiders, herbiciders, fertilizers, compost creators
and top soil enhancers.
• Learning how chickens forage and what plants they prefer.
• Using your yard as a mini-pasture, including rotational grazing to buil soil fertility and provide fresh graze.

Workshop Sponsor: The Innovation Center
Workshop Host: Cope Environmental Center
Workshop Information and To Register: Aubrey Blue a.blue@copeenvironmental.org 765.855.3188