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Local News with Jeff Lane

(Richmond, IN)--11 people were sent to the Wayne County Jail late Thursday night after local police broke up what appears to be a burglary and drug operation on Reller Street in the Fairview neighborhood in Richmond.  The house number, appropriately enough, was 420.  Investigators found stolen items inside and worked overnight to identify the property.  While officers were on the scene, several people showed up to buy drugs.  Officers had to call for a paddy wagon to take them all to jail.  The home’s occupants, who are all now in jail, include Rodney Abner, Jeffrey Henson, and Lisa Walker.  They face charges that include possession of stolen property and heroin.  Two people were arrested for possession of paraphernalia.  Those two are 18-year-old Kasey Collins and 27-year-old Jeremy Goodwin of Richmond.  Six people were arrested for visiting a common nuisance.  They include 33-year-old Clayborne Agnew, John Austerman, 49-year-old Andrea Butler, 29-year-old Amanda Henson, and 50-year-old Ricky Smith of Richmond and 20-year-old Dylan Marshall of Cambridge City.  All suspects, with the exception of Austerman, were in the Wayne County Jail Friday morning.

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