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Local News with Jeff Lane

(Richmond, IN)--The Richmond Police Department is named in a federal audit that claims that more than $300,000 was misued.  Specifically, the audit questions the funding of the PACE Team.  That’s the multi-jurisdictional agency that patrols I-70 in eastern Indiana for drug trafficking.  Seized money is used to help fund the agency.  According to the report, RPD paid their officer assigned to the task force over $121,000 in seized money.  Here’s a spokesperson in Henry County, which is also a part of the PACE Team.  "There is no criminality involved in this whatsoever.  All of the funds that were spent were used for law enforcement."  The PACE Team has been credited confiscating millions of dollars’ worth of drugs since its inception.  Below is the transcript of the audit as it pertains to RPD:


Richmond Police Department – The Richmond Police Department did not have a separate accounting code for tracking DOJ Equitable Sharing Program activities. According to the Police Chief, the $125,819 in transferred funds were used to pay the salary and fringe benefit costs, including $4,387 in overtime costs, of the officer assigned to the PACE team. We determined that the overtime costs were properly authorized, supported, and in accordance with the Guide’s permissible use provisions. However, the Police Chief told us that the Richmond Police Department did not hire an officer to replace the officer assigned to the PACE team. Therefore, we are questioning the remaining $121,432 in salary and fringe benefit costs as unallowable because the Richmond Police Department failed to comply with the Guide’s requirements relating to the use of equitable sharing funds for salary expenditures.

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