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Local News with Jeff Lane

(Richmond, IN)--Richmond is one step closer to getting rid of its biggest eyesore.  This coming Monday, a firm will begin collecting soil samples from the old Reid Hospital property in Richmond as they look for contaminants that could complicate the building’s demolition.  "They'll have a large work crew out there collecting samples for 4-6 weeks, and then they'll go into a 2-4 week analyzation period," Mayor Dave Snow Monday night.  Snow told members of Common Council that in roughly two months, the city will have a much better idea of how two issues will be handled…remediation and demolition.  "Whether or not that's going to be two separate events, or whether we remediate while we demolish...a lot of questions will be answered once they're finished with that."  Rough estimates of costs are in the ten-million-dollar range.

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