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(Lakengren, OH)--Lakengren is about to get national exposure.  Recently, the cable network HGTV visited the Preble County gated community to shoot an episode of Lakefront Bargain Hunt.

Local real estate agent Andrew Gaydosh talked Friday about how the cable network became interested.

“HGTV had approached me based on a similar program that we had done with Tru TV.  They wanted us to do an episode at Norris Lake in Tennessee, but I really wanted them to do Lakengren because I felt like Lakengren was better suited.”

That set the wheels of production into motion.  Taping took place last month.

“They brought in eight or nine people from New York that were members of a production company.  We filmed from seven o’clock in the morning until eight o’clock at night for four or five days,” Gaydosh explained.

In the episode, Gaydosh escorts a young couple through three lakefront Lakengren homes.  But, getting to that point took a lot of work.

“There was a ton of preparation,” Gaydosh explained.  Releases involving privacy laws needed to be obtained from the LPOA and from all individuals whose properties would appear on aerial photos.  We spent a month getting all of the proper releases to use images on TV.”

Preparing the homes themselves also took a lot of work.

“Homes had to be specifically prepared for television.  There could be no art on the walls and no family pictures.  Everything had to be staged professionally.  You can imagine the effort that went into preparing for the opportunity to shoot in the home,” Gaydosh explained.

In addition to seeing the homes themselves, viewers will also see what are known in the business as bumper shots of Lakengren’s amenities.  Video was also shot of the couple attending the Preble County Pork Festival because producers like to include local flavor in the program.
“We love the Eaton area, so it was easy for us to promote,” Gaydosh said.  “We’re going to get a ton of exposure.  It’s one of the most popular shows on HGTV.”

Gaydosh said that the couple did purchase one of the three homes they toured and are currently loving the Lakengren life.

A specific air date for the show has not been set, but it’s expected to air in the first two months of next year.

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