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Local News with Jeff Lane

(Whitewater Valley)--Richmond’s population continues to shrink, but not as quickly as you might think.  New population estimates have been released by the U.S. Census Department.  Richmond’s population stands at 35,455 people.  That’s a decrease of 181 people in the last year.  The city’s population has slowly but steadily decreased in since 2010.  In the last eight years, the city has lost 1267 people.  That’s a decrease of about 3 ½ percent.  Only two county seats in the Whitewater Valley are growing, and neither by very much.   Liberty and Eaton are the two communities that grew in the last year.  Liberty grew by seven people; Eaton added ten.  Every area community, though, has seen decreasing population since 2010.  The largest drop, by percentage, is Connersville, which has lost 615 residents – or 4.8% of its population – since 2010.  Eaton is the city that has lost the fewest residents.  It’s population has dropped by 2.7%.

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