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Local News with Jeff Lane

(Richmond, IN)--A man was shot and killed Thursday morning at the Genesis Apartments in Richmond, which was formerly known as the Country Club Apartments.  Police were called to the area at around 2 o'clock Thursday morning on the report of multiple gunshots.  The body of 27-year-old Jason Lewis was located outside, near a corner of one building in the older section of the complex.  Multiple shell casings were found about a hundred feet away near another building.  The crime scene covers a large area and included the entry way of at least one building.  The suspect is still on the loose.  As word of the shooting spread on social media, at least two dozen people gathered in the area.  That prompted a response from other law enforcement agencies for crowd control.  That group included several possible witnesses, although many refused to cooperate.  Investigators will likely remain on the scene for most of the morning.  Other details, including what led to the shooting, have not been released.

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