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Local News with Jeff Lane

(Richmond, IN)--Business owners in Richmond’s Depot District Monday night addressed Common Council and Mayor Dave Snow, urging them to take a step back on plans to create a bicycle loop through the area.  "I can't find anything that shows there were any studies done...traffic, the impact on parking," said Matt Stegall.  Roger Richert talked about parking that could be eliminated.  "No developer, including myself, wants to invest in an area where parking is being taken away."  Then, this from Richert:  "Does the mayor and INDOT have our years of experience and expertise to run our businesses?  If so, buy us out.  I'd rather sell now than when the district is vacant and boarded up again."  Little Sheba’s owner Steve Terzini said he would be out of business if forced to endure extended construction.  The Loop bicycle path project would connect 7th and 10th Streets along Fort Wayne Avenue and North E, cutting across storefronts of most Depot District businesses.  "This connecting path is very important to our city.  However, it's very important to do it in such a way that enhances the corridor and does nothing to take away from the vibrant culture that's been fostered by these local business owners," Snow said.  Construction on the second phase would not start until 2022.  Until then, Snow promised to open the channels of communication.  "In the coming weeks and months, you'll see me in the community more, hear me on more local radio shows, see more partnerships with local media.  And, as I've said before, more community input meetings," Snow added.  Snow said that no formal planning for a second phase had begun.

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