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Local News with Jeff Lane

(Richmond, IN)--An ordinance that would put the brakes on plans to add bike paths to Fort Wayne Avenue and North E Street was sent to a Finance Committee after being introduced at Richmond Common Council Tuesday night.  Before the ordinance came up, Mayor Dave Snow voiced his opposition.  "It would be in the best interest of this community project to let the planning happen," Snow said.  Specifically, the ordinance would allow council to reassume financial responsibility.  Council member Misty Hollis met with Snow on the issue earlier in the day Tuesday.  "I did sense from the mayor that he is willing to work more aligned with council and with the Depot District over the parking issue," Hollis said.  It could mean the ordinance may be dropped.  "The next two weeks, we might get to the point where I make a motion to strike this.  I don't know.  We'll have to see where we get," Hollis added.  The 7th and 10th Street bike paths are continuing.

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