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Local News with Jeff Lane

(Wayne County, IN)--The U.S. Census has released new estimates for last year.  Here are some of the more compelling numbers.  According to the census, 55% of Wayne County kids under the age of six are now growing up in one-parent households, with only 45% growing up in traditional two-parent households.  It’s a shift from 2005 when twice as many local kids grew up in two-parent households than as did with just one parent.  Here’s another telling statistic.  More than half of all Wayne County babies born last year, 54%, were born to girls or women who are currently living in poverty.  Wayne County’s median household income now stands at $45,000.  But, 42% of households are now earning less than $35,000 annually.  The Census says the number of people under the age of 25 with bachelors’ degrees who are living locally has dropped by one-third in the last year.  Wayne County’s population now stands at 66,185.  That’s a drop of almost 800 people since 2005.

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