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Local News with Jeff Lane

(Wayne County, IN)--The 2019 Indiana Kids Count report contains a shocking statistic about Wayne County children.  The Kids Count report is issued each year and measures the well-being of children in each county and defines a child as anyone age 19 or under.  Here is the statistic:  In 2014, three Wayne County children died from drug poisoning involving any opioid.  By 2017, which is the most recent year measured, the number had ballooned to 47 children.  Again, the number of local child deaths jumped from three to 47.  The report does not break down specific ages of victims.  Here are more numbers from the 2019 Indiana Kids Count report on Wayne County children.  First, the good.  Wayne County leads Indiana in the ratio of mental health providers at one for every 210 kids.  Now, the not-so-good.  Wayne County ranks #7 in terms of kids living in poverty at 24.7%.  It ranks 5th for the highest percentage of kids who are food insecure at 21.5%.  And, the report says that one in ten Wayne County children live in a household that has no access to a vehicle.

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