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Josh Michaels

Kicks Morning Crew Co-Host

Born and raised in Northwest Ohio, Josh was raised in the heart of Buckeye country. Josh is a self proclaimed Pro Wrestling Guru & Pizza connoisseur. Josh is a graduate of Heidelberg University & is a proud alumni of WHEI-TV 10 & the "100 watt tower of power" WHEI 88.9-FM.

Josh Michaels's Blog:

  • Wild West on #MustHearMonday

    Happy #MustHearMonday! Some great new music is in this weeks edition. Some songs for artists I've had before and some that are new to me. Check it out!      Runaway June- Wild West- I heard this song for the first time last week and it's quickly one of my favor...

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  • What You Deserve on #MustHearMonday

    Another #MustHearMonday is here! Some great finds this week from friends of mine to followers on Snapchat! Check it out   Tom O'Conner featuring Luke Combs- Deserve. I was scrolling through the Kicks 96 Snapchat and saw a shot of this song and had to check it out. I'm glad I di...

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  • Long And Happy Life On #MustHearMonday

    Another #MustHearMonday and finally some great weather! It's finally time to put the windows down and just cruise around. Ya know, if the gas prices would ever get with the program.   Here's what's on tap this week:   Delta Rae- Long And Happy Life ...

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  • The Price I Pay #MustHearMonday

    Another #MustHearMonday is here! The only way to kick off the week! Especially if you're coming back from a Spring Break!   Here are a few songs to get you back in the groove!   Hayley & Michaels- The Price I Pay ...

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  • Worth The Wait on #MustHearMonday

    Another #MustHearMonday is here! With the warmer weather, it's the perfect time to hit the open road with the windows down and jam to some new music!   Here's what I've been playing lately!   Lindsey Ell- Worth The Wait. It's the title track from h...

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  • Fast Girl on a #MustHearMonday

    Another #MustHearMonday is here and I've got one of the best line ups I think I've had in weeks!   Eli Young Band- Skin And Bones   I have a soft spot for Eli Young Band because their album Jet Black And Jealous was probably the first album I've ever...

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  • No Such Thing As A Broken Heart #MustHearMonday

    Back at it with another #MustHearMonday!   Alyssa Micaela- Clean Break     Aaron Watson- Outta Style   ...

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  • All On Me on this #MustHearMonday

    Another #MustHearMonday is here! One of my favorite things to kick off the week is sharing new music that I'm jamming to and while some times it is a few months before you might hear it on the air at Kicks 96, it's always cool when it does make it!   Thanks for all your suggestions of songs as well. If you have any, ...

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  • Back From Nashville On This #MustHearMonday

    What an awesome week in Nashville! While we learned a ton at Country Radio Seminar, I also heard a lot of great music! Here are some of the songs that stuck with me from the trip     Ryan Follese- One Thing Right. I've had him in #MustHearMonday before I know but seeing...

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  • Wildfire & Whiskey on this #MustHearMonday

    Happy #MustHearMonday to you! It's an exciting day for me as we leave for Nashville for a week in Music City. It's one of my favorite times of year because there is so much to discover at the Country Radio Seminar. There are always tons of new artists playing around the conference and surrounding venues and it's a great time place to find new music! Plus it's Nashville. What&...

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