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Josh Michaels

Kicks Morning Crew Co-Host

I was born and raised in Northwest Ohio in a little town called New Riegel. It's a one stop light town that if you blink you might miss. But I loved it! I'm a diehard Ohio State Buckeye fan, Cleveland sports fan, and self-proclaimed pro wrestling guru. I'm a proud graduate of Heidelberg University, alumni of WHEI-TV 10 & the "100-watt tower of power" WHEI 88.9-FM and recently completed a Masters Degree from Southern New Hampshire University.

I LOVE country music, sharing new music I've discovered and social media. Connect with me on Facebook & Twitter!

Josh Michaels's Blog:

  • Kiss Somebody on #MustHearMonday

    Happy #MustHearMonday! Finally a little cooler weather to start of the week. Which, if the rain holds off, if an awesome time to put the windows down and blast some new music!   Morgan Evans- Kiss Somebody   Morgan has released his first single in the US and it&...

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  • Speakers, Bleachers & Preachers on #MustHearMonday

    Happy #MustHearMonday! Hopefully you're not still groggy from the storms keeping you up last night. Or staying up too late for Game of Thrones...     Brandon Lay- Speakers, Bleachers & Preachers   I had the chance to see Brandon in Troy,OH ...

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  • When This World Ends #MustHearMonday

    It's a post holiday#MustHearMonday!   Levon- Ms. Marianne   This is an upbeat jam that will get stuck in your head. I had the chance to see them at Brick Street before and they put on a really fun show.   ...

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  • When You're Gone on #MustHearMonday

    Happy Fourth of July! Here's what I have that is #MustHearMonday   Smithfield- When You're Gone     ...

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  • A Very Whiskey #MustHearMonday

    Thanks for checking out another #MustHearMonday! This is where I get to share with you some new music that I'm listening to that is on it's way to the Kicks 96 playlist!   Michael Ray- Get To You   It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of Michael...

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  • A Little Dive Bar On #MustHearMonday

    Happy Monday! I have some great new music this week in #MustHearMonday. I've been hearing a lot about these 3 artists from friends of mine. It's usually a good sign when the text message starts out "You HAVE to check this song out". 3 for 3 this week!   Ashley McBryde- ...

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  • The Redneck Life on this #MustHearMonday

    It's finally starting to feel like summer so you'll need to get those playlists updated with a few good summer jams!   Here's what I like this week:    Chris Janson- The Redneck Life I heard this one for the first time at The Grand Ol...

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  • Back At It Again on #MustHearMonday

    After a break for the holiday, #MustHearMonday is back!     Danielle Bradbery has been missing for what seems like forever! She's back with a new jam for the summer called "Sway". It's definitely an exciting first step for a new album!   ...

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  • Losing Sleep on #MustHearMonday

    Thanks for checking out #MustHearMonday! Here is what I have this week!   Chris Young- Losing Sleep   I've been a fan of Chris since 2006 when I saw him at the IGA Parking Lot in Carey, OH.   ...

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  • The Long Way on #MustHearMonday

    #MustHearMonday is back with some brand new music from Brett Eldredge! He shared a preview of the song on Instagram last week and I was hooked!   Check out Brett Eldredge "The Long Way"   ...

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