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All On Me on this #MustHearMonday

Another #MustHearMonday is here! One of my favorite things to kick off the week is sharing new music that I'm jamming to and while some times it is a few months before you might hear it on the air at Kicks 96, it's always cool when it does make it!


Thanks for all your suggestions of songs as well. If you have any, you can always send them my way!


Here is what's on the playlist this week:



Devin Dawson- All On Me. He put on a great show the other night at Brick Street. Looking forward to hearing more from him soon



The Swon Brothers- Don't Call Me. Love the sound of this song and lyrically, who hasn't had a moment where you wished a person would just not call you because you can't say no?



Jesse James Decker- Shoot Out The Lights. Aside from having a hilarious Twitter Bio & a husband who won me a few Fantasy Football match ups last season, Jesse has a powerful voice! I'm diggin this song and her new EP is full of great jams!



Have a song that should be featured in #MustHearMonday? Let me know!


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