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Three Chords & The Truth on #MustHearMonday

Another #MustHearMonday is upon us! There are so many albums that are in the works and going to be released in the next few months and I can't wait! Brett Eldredge has his selftitled new album coming out on Friday & Lindsey Ell will have "The Project" out soon as well! 


Check out this weeks selections:


Chase Rice- Three Chords & The Truth


Chase has a new record deal with BBR Music Group and says he's finally putting out the music he wants to. I'm excited to hear it! This is a really good start if you ask me!



Lady Antebellum- Heart Break


This one in the title track of their latest album. While You Look Good is a HUGE song with lots of horns and prodcution I really like how this one songs. It's a more classic Lady A sound and the message of the song is great. It's not about heart break but giving your heart a break. 


I was also really tempted to include Party In A Bathrobe this week...



Old Dominion- Written In The Sand


Their new album Happy Endings is coming out at the end of August and they're already relasing some tracks early if you pre-order the album. Obviously as a well documented super fan of OD, I already have it pre-ordered and have been listeneing to the three songs that are out already. The chorus has a great question about relationships. "Are we written in the stars or are we written in the sand?" It's a hell of a question. 



Do you have a suggestion for #MustHearMonday? Let me know!


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