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Back To Us on #MustHearMonday

I'm on the road this week for #MustHearMonday which is a perfect time to add some new songs to the playlist for the long vacation drive. Here are a few songs that I have playing this week!


Rascal Flatts- Back To Us


It's the title of their new album and it's album and it couldn't be more perfect. Rascal Flatts really is getting back to their sound. I love it!



Thomas Rhett- Sixteen


Everything that has came off his album Life Changes has been on another level from what he's put out before if you ask me. I can't wait to hear the rest of it. Sixteen is a song that I think will connect with so many different people. He could have just as easily wrote that song about my life. The last lne of this song make it come full circle. Just trust me.



Beth Beighey- Just Another Heartache


There are just some songs that have lyrics that smack you in the face. For me this is one of them.


"You can't keep running from yourself, from the pain
You're gonna have to deal someday
Someday when you wake up
Realize what you gave up
Someday you'll know that you made a mistake
Boy you're just another heartache"


Just woah.



Have a song that you think that needs to be on #MustHearMonday? Let me know!


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