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Raised By The Radio #MustHearMonday

Back at it with another #MustHearMonday!


I was one of the 83,000 some people that went to see Garth Brooks this weekend in Indy and I can say without a doubt that was one of the best concerts I have EVER seen. It was his second show of the night and he left everything on the stage! Let me know your thoughts if you had the chance to see him to. 


Mitch Rossell- Raised By The Radio


Mitch is out on tour with Garth Brooks and I had the chance to see him at the show in Indy over the weekend. If you don't know his name, you certainly know his work. He is the writer of Garth's latest single "Ask Me How I Know" 


Dierks Bentley- Hold The Light


This is from the soundtrack of the upcoming movie "Only The Brave" and I'll be honest, it looks awesome!



Jimmie Allen- Back Of Your Mind


I really like the point of view of this song. We've heard a bunch of songs about being the person who is calling your ex when it's late and you've had probably too many to drink, but I like the idea of seeing the number coming up on the phone and knowing that they've finally realized that they made a mistake. 



Have a song that needs to be in #MustHearMonday? Let me know!


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