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I Hate Love Songs #MustHearMonday

Back with another #MustHearMonday! Some great albums dropped last week and thankfully, I had a road trip this weekend to cover some new music!



Kelsea Ballerini- I Hate Love Songs


This is probably my favorite song from her new album Unapologetically. Aside from the title track, this one is just such a shot to all the typical love stereotypes. Granted, I'm not a woman, but I have to assume that the stereotype of liking things like Ryan Gossling and dreaming about your wedding has to get old REAL fast. 


I think this song is going to be HUGE. And so does Maren Morris...





Blake Shelton- Money


If you've lived through those broke college years and the few years after this song is for you. There is nothing that describes me living on my own for the first time like this line "Chappin' our ass 'cause we can't afford Charmin
Rockin' that one-ply".



Brown & Gray- Top Down


This is just such a fun song. It's catchy & I love it!



Have a song you think needs to be in #MustHearMonday? Let me know!


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