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Josh Michaels

Space Cowboy #MustHearMonday

Another Monday is here! I spent some time on the road this weekend and it gave me a chance to really dive in to some great new music.


Kacey Musgraves- Space Cowboy


Kacey is one of the best storytellers in country music today. I first caught this song on The Tonight Show and It's one of those performances that honestly sounded just as good if not better than the live track! Not sure why this isn't a single officially, but it should be! 



Jake Rose- Sleeves


The story behind this song is really cool. All of the tattoos that he sings about in this song he actually has. Everyone has a meaning, everyone has a story and it's cool to hear it explained in this song!




Cash Campbell- Cannonball


This a really cool sounding song. It also has a video that is like the color run and Blue Man Group mixed together. A Great vibe all around. 



Have a song you want to hear in #MustHearMonday? Let me know!


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