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Josh Michaels

Hell on a Highway #MustHearMonday

A post vacation #MustHearMonday is here! The best part of road trips for me is the ability to catch up on all sorts of new music. Which might be the only good thing about 20 hours in the car over the last few days. Here's what's in this week


Tyler Rich- The Difference


This is going to be a huge song. The hook is electric and I think that it's ultra relatable. I know I've had it on my playlist for a little while but I think the sky is the limit for this one.




Justin Moore- Hell on a Highaway


You might have heard this song when he was making his way around the area this winter. It was the title of his tour after all, but I think this is one of those songs from Justin that is so different, you can't help but love.



RaeLynn- Queens Don't


The newest from RaeLynn is a good one. It heard it premiered over the weekend and I think it's just got such a great vibe and great message to it.



Have a song for #MustHearMonday? Let me know! 


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