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HMDAWT: Man Dresses As Employee To Rob Home Depot

From Hold My Drink And Watch This today, Bernardo Calana threw on a Home Depot apron and went to work. Only for Calana, who’s not actually an employee of the store, “work” consisted of stealing air conditioners. After he loaded two units into his truck and walked back inside the store, an actual Home Depot employee called the police to report an imposter. It turns out the name “Shannon,” which was the name written on the apron, got Calana busted, as there's no Shannon who works at that location. "There's a lot of thought behind [this crime],” Officer Patrick Schiavone told WMUR. “It proves that this man sat and thought, 'Gee, if I put on an apron, no one's going to recognize me going through the store and trying to take something out. They're going to think I'm an employee.' And at first, they did."

Kicks Morning Crew
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