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Wildfire Motors Drive Away


It's an American classic and it could be yours! Win "Mustang Sandy"!

Sandy is a 2007 Ford Mustang & she could be YOURS!



3 Ways To Qualify:



Listen for the "Mustang Sandy" cue to call with Josh & Kaysie. Caller 7 is an instant finalist to win Mustang Sandy through 9/28!

On Location

Join us at sponsor locations around the area to register! You can sign up at each location to become a finalist!

 Date Time  Location
 9/28/17  3:30p- 5:30p  Radford's Meat Market & Deli- Richmond's East Side
 9/29/17  4p-6p  State Farm Insurance- Pat James
 10/7/17  9a-11a  Fullenkamp's Frenchtown Trailers
10/11/17  4p-6p  State Farm Insurance- Angie Witherby
10/12/17  4p- 6p  Gillman's Home Center- Eaton, OH
10/13/17  11a-1p  Hometown Dining Company
10/13/17  4p-6p  McAlister's Deli



Visit during select times to register. We'll be randomly selecting a finalist each time!

Date Time Sponsor
10/2/17  11a-1p  Fullenkamp's Frenchtown Trailer's
10/3/17  11a-1p  Hometown Dining Company
10/4/17  11a-1p  Radford's Meat Market & Deli
10/5/17  4p-6p  Gillman's Home Center- Eaton Ohio
10/6/17  11a-1p  McAlister's Deli
10/9/17  TBA  Wildfire Motors



Wildfire Motors Drive Away Official Rules


General Contest Rules


Thanks to our sponsors!

Fullenkamp's Frenchtown Trailers

Gillman's Home Center- Eaton, OH

Hometowne Dining Company

McAlister's Deli

Radford's Meat Market & Deli

State Farm Agent Angie Witherby

State Farm Agent Pat James

Wildfire Motors

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