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Secret Sound


Contest Line: 765-966-6465


The Kicks 96 Secret Sound

  • Listen to win your share of $2500!

  • Correctly Identify The Secret Sound and you’ll win but if the guess is incorrect, we’ll add more money to the prize!

  • Listen throughout the day with The Kicks Morning Crew, Jen Steele & Steve Baker to win!

  •  Official Contest Rules.

The Kicks 96 Secret Sound is brought to you by Dargie Repair Service,

Spirit Medical Transport & Merkamp Sales & Service!



CLUE 1: There are three objects in this sound

CLUE 2: Kids shouldn’t play with 2 of these items

CLUE 3:  These Items are all un related

CLUE 4:  You’ll find one of the items in most offices

CLUE 5: One of these items is metal


#1: An aluminium trash can with a rake

#2: Soft drink falling down out of the machine

#3:Pots and pans

#4: Change falling from a machine

#5:Paper clips in to a coffee can



Congrats to Jessica from Liberty! She won $400 by guessing Secret Sound 7!

CLUE 1: There are three objects in this sound

CLUE 2: One item is much heavier than the other

CLUE 3: These three items have nothing in common

CLUE 4: All of the items are the same shape

CLUE 5: Only one item was destroyed

CLUE 6: You’ll find one of these in the common kitchen

CLUE 7: One item is nice on a hot sunny day  

CLUE 8: None of these items are office supplies

CLUE 9:  You’ll find one of these items on many houses
CLUE 10: One is intended to go into the stove

CLUE 11: Nothing is being poured to make the secret sound

CLUE 12: All of the items used to make the secret sound are solid

CLUE 13: These three items have not been used in any other secret sound so far

CLUE 14: You’ll commonly find cookies on one of these items

CLUE 15: One of the items in the secret sound is used mostly outside


#1:Nut being smashed

#2:Crushing cans with a can crusher

#3: Walnuts crushed on a board

#4: Rice on a table

#5: A deck of cards

#6: Paper candy bar wrapper

#7: Ice cube tray

#8: Biting in to a potato chip

#9:Pouring a drink into a glass with ice in it

#10:The opening of a cold beverage

#11: Cereal being poured in a bowl

#12: Axe splitting wood

#13:Breaking spaghetti in half

#14:Pair of tongs crushing a waffle ice cream cone

#15:Shaved ice being dropped on a cookie sheet

#16: Smashing an ice cub with a brick on a cookie sheet** WINNER



Congrats to Shannon Orr of Liberty! She won $220 by guessing a paper cutter cutting a can!



Congrats to Amanda from Richmond! She won $340 with her guess of a Bat hitting a burrito!




Congrats to Brady! She won $280 and guessed Marbles going down a slide into a plastic kiddie pool



Congrats to Tonya! She won $320 by guessing The Secret Sound!



Congrats to Anita from Connersville! She guessed The Secret Sound and took home $420!



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