Visible Vault 2018


All combination numbers are between 1 - 99.  There are 8 combination numbers needed to open the visible vault. 

1st combination number of 8 


2nd combination number of 8 


3rd combination number of 8


4th combination number of 8


5th combination number of 8


6th combination number of 8


7th combination number of 8


8th combination number of 8






  1. The $1096, along with added prizes from sponsors, will be awarded to one contestant if that contestant exactly matches the predetermined 8-digit combination of the Visible Vault. 

  1. DATES: 

  1. The Visible Vault contest will begin September 10, 2018 and will conclude no later than October 31, 2018 unless there is a winner before October 31, 2018.? If no one successfully guessed the 8-digit combination to the Visible Vault, then the prize will be awarded through a random drawing from all qualified on-air and remote broadcast contest participants. 


  1. Contestants are determined by random phone callers on-air to WQLK-FM’s contest line 765-966-6465 and at designated remote broadcasts.  

  • ON-AIR: To participate in the contest, contestants must listen to WQLK during the contest period and call the station’s contest line (765) 966-6465 when prompted by the on-air personality. The designated caller that successfully calls in will immediately play the KICKS 96 VISIBLE VAULT contest on-air, upon confirmation of eligibility. Telephone qualifiers will call out an 8-digit combination, one digit at a time. The DJ will repeat the number back to the caller one at a time.  If the first digit is correct, the contestant will submit a second digit as so forth. If the contestant guesses incorrectly, the play ends and the DJ will inform the listeners if the incorrect digit was “too high” or “too low.” Callers will be required to provide their first and last names, complete address, including ZIP code, telephone number and date of birth at the time they call.  

  • AT DESIGNATED REMOTE BROADCASTS: Players on location at designated remote broadcasts will write an 8-digit combination on an entry form, along with providing their first and last name, complete address, including ZIP code, telephone number and date of birth. The player will hand the slip to the designated radio station personnel at the remote broadcast, who will use their specific digits to attempt to successfully unlock the combinations to the Visible Vault.  Upon the first incorrect digit of the combination, the designated radio station personnel will inform the contestant that the play has ended.  If the contestant has submitted all eight numbers of the combination correctly and the safe does not open, the contestant will still be considered the winner and awarded said prizes.       


  1. Winners must waive any claims of liability against sponsors, WQLK-FM, and Brewer Broadcasting Corporation, its employees and agents for any personal injury or loss, including death, or any property loss or damage which may occur from participation in the contest or use of any prize.? Brewer Broadcasting Corporation makes no warranty or claim whatsoever as to the safety, health or advisability of participating in the KICKS 96 Visible Vault Contest. 

  1. Winners should participate and accept and use prizes on at their own risk.? Winners will be required to sign a written waiver of liability and agree to hold Brewer Broadcasting Corporation harmless for any liability whatsoever related to this contest and any prize awarded. 

  1. WQLK-FM reserves the right to use any audio, video or photographic material which involves the winner or their family for promotional use without further compensation or permission.  

  1. The winner will receive a Form 1099 for tax purposes as required for any winnings exceeding $600.?The winner must be willing to pose for photos, provide a valid Driver’s License and Social Security card to claim the prize within 30 business days of winning.  


  1. This contest is only offered to legal U.S. residents residing in Indiana or Ohio, 18 years of age or older at the time of entry.  

  1. Employees of WQLK-FM and Brewer Broadcasting Corporation, its advertising agencies and Visible Vault sponsors involved in the promotion, employees of other radio stations, as well as family and household members of same, shall be ineligible to participate in the promotion and shall be ineligible for any prize.  

  1. WQLK-FM reserves the right to disqualify any entrant if these Contest Rules are not followed. By entering, you agree to comply with all applicable laws and these Contest rules, and you agree to abide all decisions of WQLK-FM and Brewer Broadcasting Corporation.  

  1. Making a purchase will not increase your chances of winning. Void where prohibited or restricted by law. All federal, state and local regulations apply. 


Copies of these rules are available on and at the studios of the Station, located at 2626 Tingler Road West, Richmond, IN 47374, during regular business hours or by sending a request, along with a self-addressed stamped envelope, to the Station at this address. WQLK-FM reserves the right to change the rules if necessary during?the promotion and any rule changes will be posted at 

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