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Pneumonia Will Not Stop Ronnie Dunn from Doing His Job

Remember this the next time you're thinking of calling out sick because your tummy hurts.  BROOKS & DUNN performed at the Million Dollar Show fundraiser the other night, even though RONNIE DUNN had pneumonia. 



And he didn't sleepwalk through it either.  Just the opposite.  Somebody posted a clip of him doing a sing-along of "Neon Moon" with the crowd. 



When that was done, he told them, quote "I'm suffering from pneumonia.  I got a cold and a headache.  I had a couple drinks.  This is where it goes south."



But it didn't go south.  He launched into an a cappella verse of "Neon Moon" and blew the roof off the place.  The crowd gave him a standing ovation. 



(Somebody posted the video on Twitter.  Skip to 0:58 for Ronnie's "pneumonia-be-damned" performance.)

Richmond, IN WEATHER

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