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Carly Pearce Knew Michael Ray Was the One After Two Dates

Sometimes you just know.  Y'know?  It took CARLY PEARCE two dates to know she was going to marry MICHAEL RAY.  And those feelings came pouring out when she wrote the song, "Heart's Going Out of Its Mind".  


CARLY PEARCE had gone on two dates with MICHAEL RAY when she started writing, "Heart's Going Out of Its Mind".  And since she already knew she wanted to marry him, she let those feelings flow into the song. 




She talked about it in one of those "Story Behind the Song" videos.  Quote, "I went into the writer's room, and I hadn't told anybody.  It's kind of awkward.  You don't want to tell anybody when you're dating somebody new until it's official. 



"Especially if it's an artist everybody knows.  So I tried to keep it hush-hush, but when I got in the room that day I started gushing and told them and said 'I have no idea how I'm saying this to you, but I know I'm going to marry this person.'"



That explains the lyrics.  For the sound she wanted something memorable.  Quote, "I wanted to write that fun, anthemic feeling of, 'I feel crazy, but in a great way.'" 



"Heart's Going Out of Its Mind" is one of the tracks on her self-titled second album, which drops February 14th. 


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