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Seahawks QB Russell Wilson Was Advised Not to Listen to Country . . . Because It's Too Negative?

Seattle Seahawks quarterback RUSSELL WILSON has a "mental conditioning coach," and he's told Russell NOT to listen to country music, because it's too negative.



His name is Trevor Moawad, and in an interview on Seattle radio, he said that anybody who wants to improve their mindset should avoid country.



He explained it like this:  Quote, "I was raised [with] my Dad [saying that] country music is great, but it's so negative that . . . we don't want to have that really dictating our 'internal ad campaign.'



"I'm really mindful of the music I'm listening to, because it has a powerful impact, and Russell is the same way . . .



"That doesn't mean you can't listen to it, but if you're going through a divorce or a tough challenge and you're listening to sad music, you're going to be influenced negatively.  It's going to be harder to move forward."  


So for example, if it's 2015, and you're sad because you lost a Super Bowl because you didn't give it to Beast Mode on the 1-yard-line, you should listen to "Uptown Funk" on the way home . . . and not "I See You"???

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