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Now the Singer Lady A Wants $10 Million from the Band Lady A

Remember when LADY ANTEBELLUM and Seattle blues singer Anita White agreed to share the name LADY A?  Turns out they were still hammering out the details, and Anita did NOT like what she was hearing.



She hired a new legal team and they smelled blood.  They sent an agreement asking for an "exorbitant monetary demand."  How much?  $10 million.  The band might be doing well, but not that well.  They filed suit yesterday in a Nashville court.



And it looks like they have a strong case.  According to "Billboard", they registered the Lady A name back in 2011.  And they've been "using Lady Antebellum and Lady A interchangeably since 2006-2007."  No one challenged them about it until this year.



What the band wants is a "court declaration" saying they can lawfully use the Lady A trademark and continue to use it without infringing on anyone's rights.  They're also willing to keep sharing the name with Anita.



(The $10 million figure is not mentioned in the lawsuit.  The band announced that number in a statement they released.  You can read it, here.)