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Luke Combs Shares Stage Drinking Rituals with Steve Austin

Season 2 is off and running of "Straight Up Steve Austin" on USA Network. Luke Combs was a guest last week and what a wild ride it was!

It started off with Combs picking up Steve Austin on his tour bus in Nashville where the conversation began. 

One of the things discussed was Luke Combs drinking ritual before he hits the stage. We all know Luke Combs usually has that red solo cup with him.  

"No, I'm a before, during and after guy for sure," said Combs when Austin asked him if he drinks before before the show.

Luke also talked about how the "stage" drink is different and how he can't do beer because it makes him burp apparently. 

For the stage Combs pours a heavy Jack then diet no ice. He then shared, " a little known secret of the trade. Ice cools your vocal chords down and that gives you a higher chance of damaging your voice."

The full episode is worth a look if you missed it.  Catch it on Youtube.