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Kelsea Ballerini Duets with Kenny Chesney for New Single, "Half of My Hometown"

Knoxville, Tennessee natives Kelsea Ballerini and Kenny Chesney have joined together for “Half of My Hometown,” and the back story to this country magic is sweet.

Kelsea shared a touching story about superstar Kenny Chesney. She was preparing to play at the Playstation Theater in New York’s Times Square when Kenny reached out to her through text and said, “I’m so proud of you, hometown girl.” 

“Two and a half years ago, it was the most encouraging and magical thing that could’ve happened to me,” Ballerini says. “The fact that [Chesney] knew who I was was wild.”
After recording Half of my Hometown, she got the wild idea to reach out to Kenny and see if he wanted to be on the song.

“I love this song. It made me emotional listening to it. Let me figure out my plans because I want to do [the collaboration] and do it right.” After a few months elapsed, the two joined forces in the studio and recording this amazing song.

For Kelsea, it was an extraordinary moment.

 “I wore my ’Knoxville’ t-shirt and [Chesney] face-timed my dad. It was wild,” she noted. “My dad still lives in Knoxville, so when he got that face-time [from me], he couldn’t keep it cool.”
"Half of my Hometown" is the fourth single from her album 'Kelsea' and her favorite song! 



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