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Brett Young And Wife Welcome Baby Girl

Congrats to Brett Young and his wife, Taylor, who welcomed their second child and second daughter, whom they named Rowan Marie Young, on July 21st. Brett just shared the news over the weekend on social media with a picture of little Rowan and a sweet letter to his new baby girl.


He wrote, "I thought my heart was maxed out. I usually don’t like to be wrong…… I was wrong. And I can’t wait to thank you properly for the opportunity to be your daddy. I already love you so much and I can’t wait to watch you and your sister become best friends. FYI….. the women in your life are super heroes and you’re the luckiest lady alive. Presley has been begging for you. Be prepared for me to mess everything up and your mom and sister to always be there to fix it. I love you. Welcome to the ‘Youngs’." He signed it "Daddy." 


Brett and Taylor's oldest daughter, 21-month-old Presley, made the singer changed his mind about wanting a boy. He recently told us that he can't imagine anything being better than being a girl dad. [“I have a half-sister, but growing up in my house, my sister had already moved out, so it was just like me and my dad. And so, that’s why I was excited to have a boy and wanted that relationship. But I can’t imagine having a better relationship with my child than I do with my daughter.  It’s such a blessing.  It’s so sweet and it’s challenging because I’ve never been a woman. I don’t know what her challenges are going to be in life, but that’s what ‘Lady’ was all about. She’s got her mama for that. So I just get to be the big ‘ol dad that she runs and jumps in bed and watches cartoons with, and it’s been perfect.”] SOUNDCUE (:27 OC: . . . it's been perfect.)


Brett gets to spend a few more days at home with his growing family until he has to hit the road for a show in Salem, OR on Thursday (August 5th).


He continues climbing the charts with his latest single, "Not Yet."