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Mickey Guyton on the Time She Sang "Natural Woman" at Prince's House

CMT has a digital series called "Probably Shouldn't Tell You This".  It's the perfect title to get famous people to share stuff you actually want to hear . . . instead of promotional nonsense or fluff pieces.


The latest one has MICKEY GUYTON talking about the time she and some friends were partying in Hollywood and needed a ride home.  One of the friends was dating Prince, so she called him.  He showed up in a limo and took them to his mansion.


And it was exactly the kind of place you'd imagine Prince living in.  Mickey says, quote, "We get in this purple suede elevator, [which] takes us to this giant ballroom with chandeliers.  There's a rose piano, a microphone set-up, and some drums. 


"I first get on the drum set, and I'm trying to play, and he takes the drumsticks away and tells me I have no rhythm, which I don't.


"Then he gets on the rose piano and I get on the microphone and I was like, 'Okay, I'm with Prince, and he looks soul, so why NOT sing 'Natural Woman'?'  We sing 'Natural Woman', I am not kidding.  [Hard to] believe it actually happened, but it did."