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Jimmie Allen Tearfully Tributes Late Father With "Fantastic" Paso Doble On 'Dancing With The Stars'

Things got heavy on Dancing with the Stars this week, as Jimmie Allen and partner Emma Slater honored the country singer's late father with an emotion-filled performance.

This week, they were challenged to transform into iconic Disney characters and take part in the Mickey Dance Challenge, where they had to incorporate steps from Mickey Mouse into their routines.

Contestants were also asked to honor their heroes.

“When I think of heroes, I think of my Father,” Allen emotionally shared during rehearsals for their Paso Doble. “He’s the one that raised me on ‘never make an excuse’ and that’s helped me so much with my career.”

As tears filled his eyes, Jimmie went on to remember his dad and his final moments with him.

“He died in 2019 from Kidney failure. I definitely miss him every day. So, I knew my Dad was going to die in the next day or so [at the time] and I was going to go to the hospital, but they said he was non-responsive, couldn’t talk,” Allen recalled. “So I was like, ‘do I want to be in this hospital just watching him lay there like that?’ So, I went to me and my dad’s favorite fishing spot. For me, that was a peaceful way to remember my Dad and be okay just knowing that I was going to have kids he’ll never meet.”

Jimmie concluded, “If I botch this dance, I’m not dedicating it to my Father, but if I kill it… It’s for my Dad. In the words of my Dad, ‘get it done or don’t,’ and I want to get it done.”

Jimmie got it done dancing the Paso Doble, set to the tune of “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” from the movie Mulan.

Sporting Mulan’s signature red robe and battle attire, the pair flawlessly made their way around the dance floor, leaving the judges and audience in awe.
They couple earned a score of 30/40 with 8’s from Inaba and Hough and 7’s from Goodman and Tonioli.

Dancing with the Stars returns on Tuesday (Oct. 12) at 8/7c on ABC with performances inspired by Disney Villains.



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