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Luke Bryan Is Excited To Kick-Off Vegas Residency

Luke Bryan is ready to kick off his Las Vegas residency this Friday, and he isn't the only one excited about being in Vegas.

Luke said, "Oh, yeah. My mother, she's already punched her ticket. What's the big shopping center out here? Crystals and all that? Yeah, my credit card will be in flames come Friday."

Bryan continued, "I can literally, like, ease out of my hotel room, ride the elevator down and clock into work. I'm just excited to see the show come together."
He also opened up about his friendship with Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry, who also has a Vegas residency.

Luke added, "No, she doesn't help me at all. Anything Katy does, she sends stuff to create more anxiety. She's like, 'Wow, big stage. Be ready. Wow. Get ready for the dry air of Las Vegas.'... But as years have gone, we have an even more fun friendship and a great working relationship."

He continued, "She's really a little jealous because she believes that Orlando might have a little man-crush on me. Orlando came into Nashville and I had all these outdoor activities planned for him. So yeah, me and Orlando, our love is strong."