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Brantley Gilbert Grants 'Make-A-Wish' For Young Girl Following Heart Transplant

Brantley Gilbert has created a loyal fanbase aka BG Nation who helped this young fan get noticed.

This 11-year-old girl fighting for her life took to TikTok to share her heart transplant journey and love for Brantley Gilbert. Her father shared the video.
“My name is Alirix, and my dream has always been to meet you,” she began. 
“You helped me through my heart transplant, and I listened to you all the way through, and I hope I can meet you. When I was in the hospital, they granted me a make-a-wish, and my wish is to meet you,” she added.

With the help from fans, the video was seen by Brantley and he responded with a duet on TikTok. “Let’s do it darlin. Can’t wait to meet you in person very soon,” Gilbert shared. 

“You sir are one top-notch person!!! You have no idea how much this means to her! I remember jamming out to you on deployment to Afghanistan!” her father replied before thanking BG Nation for the rapid success of the video. 

Following the touching duet, Make-A-Wish began to work their magic and on Wednesday, (Feb. 16) Brantley uploaded a moving YouTube video of his experience with Alirix at a private rehearsal. Gilbert also shared a TikTok clip with Alirix.