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Sam Hunt UPDATE!

Sam Hunt and his wife of five years, Hannah Lee Fowler, are not getting a divorce after all, according to Us Weekly. The publication points to court documents they obtained just yesterday (Tuesday, February 22nd) which show that Hannah both filed for divorce and withdrew her complaint a little more than two hours apart on Friday (February 18th).

She initially filed for divorce at 11:43 a.m., citing "inappropriate marital conduct” and “adultery.” At 2:13 p.m., Hannah filed a Notice of Voluntary Nonsuit, or dismisal, meaning she is no longer seeking a divorce. According to the documents, her decision is classified as “voluntary nonsuited without prejudice,” which means she can file for divorce again at a later time.

As of Tuesday, a judge had yet to sign off on the filing, which would then dismiss the case completely, according to Us Weekly.