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Maren Morris Considers Children's Album, Book

Maren Morris is considering expanding her body of work to include a few projects inspired by her toddler son, Hayes: 


"I've sort of floated the idea of writing a children's book or doing a children's album just because there's so much really awful children's music that I've had to hear as a mother that I would love to (laughs) make some for myself just to be able to listen to, but also, I've read to y son since he was born and it's just our favorite thing to do, so, yeah, I would love to maybe write a children's book someday."


Marren shared a heartwarming Instagram post featuring her son this past weekend, mentioning her inspiration for her song Hummingbird:

"hummingbird, now your heart beats in me.

I wrote “Hummingbird” on the day I found out I was pregnant with Hayes. By the time we were recording, he was talking so I got to record his sweet voice to add to the top of the track."


View her Instagram post here: