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Country Stars Honor Moms Just In Time For Mother's Day


  • Morgan Wallen will be releasing a song dedicated to his mother this Mother's Day weekend. The song is called "Thought You Should Know," and it will be available on Friday (May 6th).

    Morgan posted a picture of himself as a young child along with his mother on Instagram writing, "Thank you Mama. Dropping this song for you on Mothers Day weekend." He co-wrote "Thought You Should Know" with Miranda Lambert and Nicolle Galyon and it's in the form of a phone call to his mother, Lesli Wallen. Check out his adorable Instagram post here:



  • Maren Morris relishes her role as a mother to toddler son Hayes, but she holds her own mother, Kellie Morris, up as one of her biggest role models. She tells us: "Definitely my mother. She's such a hard worker and she and my dad own a small business in Texas and I feel like nothing's been handed to her. She grew up in poverty and she really made something of herself without even a college degree. She's just such a street-smart go-getter and so I feel like that's been instilled in me from day one because of my mom."

  • Carrie Underwood is a singer, songwriter, and internationally-known superstar, and as she tells us, she's proud to be able to add "working mom" to her title. "I'm a working mom, working wife, same as all the other ones out there. My job's kind of weird (laughs), but you just figure your way through it, and women, we ladies are good at that, and I'm honored to get to hold some pretty incredible titles (cries) and Mom is definitely one of them, and I'm just excited. I'm excited that they get to see their mom do that and see me on stage and hopefully, I can be an inspiration to my children and to other working moms out there, 'cause we got this!" Of course, Carrie has two sons, Isaiah and Jacob, with her husband and former pro hockey player Mike Fisher. View one of Carrie's Instagram photos with her son at a rehersal: 





  • If there's one thing about Luke Combs' mom that he inherited it's her ability to talk . . . a lot, according to her son. Luke tells us you'd see him in her pretty quickly after meeting her. "The second you talk to her, probably, because she just wouldn't stop talking. Then you'd be like, if you knew me at all, like, it's like if we were at the house, you'd be like, 'God, is this guy ever going to stop talking? Geez! He's the worst.' That's probably when you would know. I have an innate ability to like, I feel like at least, to be able to talk and relate to almost anyone, and I definitely would say that's the thing that I got from my mom." Luke's wife, Nicole, will soon become a mom when they welcome their first child, a boy, sometime this spring. The couple have yet to announce a due date. Check out his post here: 



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