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Cops are Called on Gretchen Wilson...Again.

Here we go again.  And again?  Seems like every time we hear about GRETCHEN WILSON it's because of some bad behavior that made the news, but was "not" her fault. 


She and her crew were kicked out of the Hotel Encanto early Sunday morning for being too loud.  It was after she played the Las Cruces Country Music Festival.


Employees knocked on her door several times asking her to keep it down, but no luck.  So, they called 911.  A local TV station got the audio, and you can hear the employee saying Gretchen tried to use the celebrity card, but it didn't matter to him.  


She also told him, quote, "I paid for the room, I could care less what people think."  She wasn't cited, though.  The cops showed up with something called a "no trespass" card, but they never gave it to her because she left on her own. 


Gretchen hit up Twitter to call for a boycott of the place because she had to "wait two hours for breakfast," and because "police kicked her out for no reason." 



(KVIA-TV has a report.  The 911 call starts at 1:12 in the video.)