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Six More Super Bowl Commercials Are Online

1.  Facebook is making its Super Bowl commercial debut this year, with Chris Rock and Sylvester Stallone



2.  Secret's ad has football fans cheering after a kicker makes a kick . . . only to discover that it was a FEMALE player.  It's supposed to, quote, "spark a dialogue about the possibility of women playing [in] the NFL."  It stars U.S. soccer players Carli Lloyd and Crystal Dunn.



3.  SodaStream's ad features Bill Nye the Science Guy, and it has a man accidentally drinking water that was found on Mars.



4.  Comedian Rob Riggle is a Chiefs fan, and he's starring in the "first-ever interactive" Super Bowl ad.  It also stars Sofia Vergara and Busy Phillips.


It's a choose-you-own-adventure style commercial, where you can vote for how you'd like it to go at  Supposedly, they'll air the most popular choice.



5.  GMC is bringing the Hummer back!  As an ELECTRIC truck? 



6.  Polls show that people don't like mixing sports and politics . . . and they don't want to see political Super Bowl commercials.  But unfortunately, we'll have to sit through in-game ads from President Trump and Mike Bloomberg.


For what it's worth, Trump is the first sitting president to shell-out for a national ad during the Super Bowl.



Maren Morris Responds to Trolls Annoyed by Her Pregnancy Pics

MAREN MORRIS maintains a pretty good presence on social media.  She knows that's part of the job these days.  However, now that she's pregnant, some people wish she'd ease back on all the baby bump pics. 



Well, she had a few words to say about that last week on Twitter



And to drive that point home, she posted another belly pic on Sunday. 



This time she's standing on a deck next to what looks like a pond at Blackberry Farm in Walland, Tennessee.  Her hand is on her beautiful baby bump, and she captioned it, "Back at the farm.  #BabyMoon."


back at the farm. #babymoon ????

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The Country Community Reacts to the Death of Kobe Bryant


The tragic death of KOBE BRYANT was felt throughout the country community yesterday.  Artists paid tribute and shared their feelings on social media.


JASON ALDEAN posted a photo of an autographed Bryant jersey.  He wrote, "I am literally sick to my stomach.  One of the greatest of all time.  Sincere condolences to his wife and family.  I'll forever treasure this jersey he signed for me."



KANE BROWN Tweeted, "R.I.P. to the legend Kobe Bryant." 



KEITH URBAN wrote, "Our hearts break today for Kobe Bryant's family and friends and everyone he inspired.  I never knew him but somehow felt like I did.  Rare.  We wish peace and strength to all of you.



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CHRIS YOUNG Tweeted, "I don't even know what to say.  Seeing news like this is so incredibly sad.  RIP Kobe."



And MITCHELL TENPENNY hit up Twitter to say, "I can't even put to words the loss for the Bryant Family.  This is an American tragedy and hard pill to swallow.  God has a plan even when it seems to make no sense.  Prayers."

Here Comes Dierks Bentley's '90s Cover Band, Hot Country Knights

Whether you asked for it or not, DIERKS BENTLEY's '90s cover band HOT COUNTRY KNIGHTS is here.  They were all over the place yesterday talking about their record deal, a new song, and an upcoming album.



In case you haven't been keeping track:  Dierks inhabits a character named Douglas "Doug" Douglason, who's the leader of the Knights.  Their music and style are stuck in the '90s . . . all the way down to their stone-washed jeans and mullet wigs.



They released their first single yesterday.  It's called "Pick Her Up" and it features TRAVIS TRITT.  As "Doug" says, quote, "If you want a hit, you gotta get Tritt." 



The video for that song is posted below.  It features TIFFANI THIESSEN bringing back Kelly Kapowski, her character from the '90s sitcom "Saved By The Bell".  Also, you can expect a tour and more music soon.


Carly Pearce Knew Michael Ray Was the One After Two Dates

Sometimes you just know.  Y'know?  It took CARLY PEARCE two dates to know she was going to marry MICHAEL RAY.  And those feelings came pouring out when she wrote the song, "Heart's Going Out of Its Mind".  


CARLY PEARCE had gone on two dates with MICHAEL RAY when she started writing, "Heart's Going Out of Its Mind".  And since she already knew she wanted to marry him, she let those feelings flow into the song. 




She talked about it in one of those "Story Behind the Song" videos.  Quote, "I went into the writer's room, and I hadn't told anybody.  It's kind of awkward.  You don't want to tell anybody when you're dating somebody new until it's official. 



"Especially if it's an artist everybody knows.  So I tried to keep it hush-hush, but when I got in the room that day I started gushing and told them and said 'I have no idea how I'm saying this to you, but I know I'm going to marry this person.'"



That explains the lyrics.  For the sound she wanted something memorable.  Quote, "I wanted to write that fun, anthemic feeling of, 'I feel crazy, but in a great way.'" 



"Heart's Going Out of Its Mind" is one of the tracks on her self-titled second album, which drops February 14th. 


Luke Bryan Announced a New Album and Tour

LUKE BRYAN did a Facebook Live yesterday to announce a new album and tour.  The album is called "Born Here, Live Here, Die Here" and it'll be out April 24th.


As for the tour.  It's called "Proud To Be Right Here," and he talked about how he came up with that.  He said, quote, "We felt like when I'm on stage performing, I'm going to be pretty damn proud to be right here playing my music for you guys."




MORGAN WALLEN is the "special guest" on the tour . . . and the other openers are CAYLEE HAMMACK on the first half, with RUNAWAY JUNE on the last half.  Dates are being added but we know it'll kick-off May 28th in Cincinnati, Ohio.



(Watch Luke's Facebook Live announcement, above.  The sound kicks in around 29:07 and he reveals the tour and album.  At 32:18 he sings a little of "What She Wants Tonight", and at 33:44 he teases the album's title track.)

Pneumonia Will Not Stop Ronnie Dunn from Doing His Job

Remember this the next time you're thinking of calling out sick because your tummy hurts.  BROOKS & DUNN performed at the Million Dollar Show fundraiser the other night, even though RONNIE DUNN had pneumonia. 



And he didn't sleepwalk through it either.  Just the opposite.  Somebody posted a clip of him doing a sing-along of "Neon Moon" with the crowd. 



When that was done, he told them, quote "I'm suffering from pneumonia.  I got a cold and a headache.  I had a couple drinks.  This is where it goes south."



But it didn't go south.  He launched into an a cappella verse of "Neon Moon" and blew the roof off the place.  The crowd gave him a standing ovation. 



(Somebody posted the video on Twitter.  Skip to 0:58 for Ronnie's "pneumonia-be-damned" performance.)

Why Is Miranda Lambert Smiling on the Cover of Her "Wildcard" Album?

MIRANDA LAMBERT was talking to "Billboard" about her album, "Wildcard" . . . and one of the things that came up really surprised me. 



A friend told her "Wildcard" is the first album cover of hers where she looks happy in the photo.  It's the one that looks like an old school pinup.  She's wearing lingerie, fishnet tights, and she has a sly smile on her face.  Well, here's the reason for that grin. 


She and Brendan McLoughlin had just gotten married, and that put her in a very good place. Quote, "That smile may just be the wildcard I pulled out of my sleeve this time because of where I've gotten in my life.  The title just fit."  



Here's another interesting fact:  "Wildcard" is the fourth album of hers that has a "one-word title" . . . and that's kind of her lucky charm. 



Quote, "My one-word titles have been special records, a little more special than the others for some reason or another . . . so I wanted it to be right."  The other one-word titles are "Kerosene""Revolution", and "Platinum".   - BillBoard Music Reported

The Internet Hated Tim McGraw's Performance

I'm guessing TIM MCGRAW was thinking today would be a two-fisted celebration of his pre-game performance at last night's college football championship game, coupled with the announcement of his summer tour dates.



Unfortunately, the pre-game is dominating the news, and NOT in a good way.  Tim and SHY CARTER did their song of "Way Down" and the Internet torched it.



They made fun of his voice, the performance . . . and the billion times they sang "Way down." 



(Here's a post from someone who nailed that call.)



Other comments included, "the worst song I've ever heard" . . . "LSU deserved to lose because the song was so awful" . . . and one person said they like Tim, but it was a "terrible song choice and performance."





Meanwhile, Tim's Here on Earth Tour will kick off July 10th in Syracuse, New York . . . and run through September 26th in Chicago.  MIDLAND and INGRID ANDRESS are the openers.



There are TWO stadium shows and LUKE COMBS will join them for those.  We're talking September 4th at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles . . . and September 12th at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Hit up for details.

A Record Exec Once Told Luke Combs His Songs Weren't Good Enough

There are tons of stories about record executives saying no to new artists like The Beatles and Elvis . . . and then, I assume, spending the rest of their lives kicking themselves in the butt.



Well, somebody once said no to LUKE COMBS, and he shared that story Wednesday on Twitter.  




Luke was responding to someone's thread, and it's a pretty good question.  Here it is, quote, "Tell me a story about yourself that sounds like a lie but is absolutely true."

Dolly Parton's Tattoos

DOLLY PARTON has talked about her tattoos here and there, but she's always been shy about where they're located, and what they look like.  Well, she opened up a little more on the "Dolly Parton's America" podcast.



She said, quote, "I have a few tattoos on my body.  They are not meant to be tattoos for the sake of tattoos.  I'm very fair-skinned, and when I have any kind of surgery or any kind of scarring . . . I kind of discolor.



"So, when I started getting a few things done, I had a few little tattoos to cover up the scarring.  But I'm not tattooed all over like a bike woman or anything.  I do have a few but they're very delicate.  I don't have the dark ones, they're all pastels."



Unfortunately, she still wouldn't reveal where they are on her body.  But she did say what they look like.  Quote, "I have some butterflies, I have some lace, and some little bows . . . a couple things like that."