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Keith Urban's Strangest Gig

Before he was selling out arenas, Keith Urban had his fair share of unconventional gigs. He revealed his "strangest" gig was at an Australian airport more than two decades ago. His band once played in an airport, which "doesn't sound horrible except for the fact it was a tiny regional airport in Australia," he explained. 

"My manager at the time, I think had done some very questionable deal to get us a couple of airline tickets," Keith teased. "We had a three-piece band and we were just gonna play at this little baggage carousel, that's how small the airport is." 

Upon arriving at the airport, Urban said the airport manager showed the band where they would be playing. 

"You know the little carpeted area above the carousel where the bags come around, the little island above it? That is where we had to play," Urban said with a straight face. "So we set up the drum kit, me and the bass player just fit in this little tiny strip, and we sound checked a little bit." 

Urban then recalled asking when the band should start to play to which the manager said, "just start now." 

"I went, 'There's nobody here,' and he said, 'If you just start playing I think some people will come,' " Urban said. "So we start playing, a couple of people came over and they're checking out the music, and a few more people, and I'm like, 'It's actually not a bad gig.' " 

He said everything was going well until the luggage carousel began to move. 

"There's about like 15 people kind of getting into it…next minute, [honk, honk] all the bags start coming down and everyone got their luggage and just all left,' " he said. 

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Kimberly Perry Talks Updating 'If I Die Young'

Kimberly Perry is set to have a huge year, kicking off her solo career by giving fans a second part to her former group’s smash hit "If I Die Young." 

For many, The Band Perry's song has helped in dealing with the grief over losing someone young. Kimberly had ever wavered in her decision to update the beloved single. 

"There were definitely some inhibitions in going from the initial idea of doing a part two, like updating the story from the perspective of the girl who wrote the song over 10 years later, who didn't die young," Kimberly admits. "One of the things that was really important to me is that we just didn't rob anybody from the original experience of the O.G." The song, she says, "validated so many people's experiences and their feelings. It held hands with people during times of loss. I did not want to step on that or try to rob that from anybody. But it also felt like the right thing to do and the responsible thing to do, honestly." 

While Perry gets set to drop her solo BLOOM EP on June 9, she’s also preparing to become a first-time mom. Discussing what scares her most about motherhood, Kimberly says, “I think maybe repeating some things that I would have criminalized my own parents for. You know, we can set our intentions to do things in a certain way, but I really have started to even wrap my head around the overprotection of, ‘Hey, I'm going to have to make sure that there are moments when I actively let go, you know, of controlling the future of this little person's life.” 

“I think one thing that we're really trying to focus on these days are being family and putting that first and foremost, which is a way different Thanksgiving table than when you're kind of talking about, ‘Well, where are we on the chart?’ And, ‘Do we have shows next week?’ 


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Jelly Roll's Documentary Now Streaming

Jelly Roll has teamed up with ABC News Studios for his new documentary, Jelly Roll: Save Me. 

Set premiering on Hulu TODAY, May 30, the documentary will chronicle Jelly Roll’s journey from incarcerated teen and adult to music superstar and country singer. 

It’ll feature exclusive, never-before-seen footage and interviews with the Nashville native and those close to him, as well as peeks into how Jelly Roll balances his philanthropic efforts with tour life, including a visit to the juvenile detention facility where he was incarcerated.  


Jelly Roll’s debut country album, Whitsitt Chapel, arrives this Friday, June 2nd

Megan Moroney Accidentally Stepped on Miranda Lambert

Megan Moroney needs to be on your radar. The up-and-comer is paving the way for future artists with her unique sound, and established stars like Carly Pearce have even said she's their favorite new artist. 

She also has a love for Miranda Lambert. That is one of Megan’s dream collaboration scenarios.  

She recalls meeting Lambert before her rise on the music scene. 

"I did. I accidentally stepped on her at Red Door. This was when I was visiting Nashville. I had just gotten my fake ID taken at Nudies on Broadway, but somehow Red Door let me in with my second backup fake ID (laughs). I was in there, I was literally in sweat pants. I stepped back and I stepped on someone on accident and I turn around like, "Oh my God, I'm so sorry." And it was Miranda Lambert. I was like, "I am really so sorry." 

She says Miranda had on a hat and glasses, so it was hard to tell who she was, but Moroney knew. 

That was not the only run-in before she herself became famous. 

"I've met Kacey Musgraves with one shoe on," Moroney says. "I had one shoe on, because I had just gotten knee surgery, so I had this really big cast thing on my leg —so I had one cowgirl boot on," she confirmed. 

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Morgan Wallen Ties Whitney Houston's Success On Billboard 200 Chart

Morgan Wallen's latest album, One Thing at a Time, tops the all-genre Billboard 200 albums chart for the 11th week in a row. The feat ties him with Whitney Houston, who was the last artist in any genre to hold the top spot on that chart for 11 weeks, and that was with her self-titled album released in 1987, according to Billboard.

Morgan's 11-week run is the most for any country album since Taylor Swift's Fearless in 2009, although those weeks were not consecutive. 

Morgan's previous album, Dangerous: The Double Album, remains in the Top 10 on the Billboard 200 chart, claiming the Number Six spot this week.

His current single, "Last Night," also makes history this week as it claims the Number One spot on Billboard's Hot 100 chart for the seventh week, making it the longest running Number One Country song in Hot 100 history.

He is currently in the midst of six weeks of doctor-ordered vocal rest which caused him to have to halt his One Night At A Time Tour. Morgan is expected to return to the tour on June 22nd at Chicago's Wrigley Field. 




Priscilla Block Feels Taylor Swift Saved Her Career

It takes a lot of hard work, dedication and talent to make it as a Country artist in today’s world, and for Priscilla Block, it also took a good pep talk from Taylor Swift.  

Priscilla recently shared the incredible story and it’s definitely one for the books. 

 “The craziest thing ever,” Block said, reflecting on the day Swift saw her walking on the streets of Nashville and pulled over to say hi. “I was literally thinking of leaving that day and I happened to be wearing a Taylor Swift t-shirt and she saw me standing on the side of the road and pulled her car over and was like, ‘Hey! I love your shirt.’” 

She continued, “I was like, ‘What?!’ It was literally everything that I needed that day to just keep going and that was eight years ago.” 

Block has come a long way since moving to Nashville fresh out of high school to pursue her dreams in Country music. She released her debut album, Welcome To The Block Party, in 2022 followed by a deluxe version in early 2023. She is currently promoting her single with Justin Moore, titled “You, Me, And Whiskey,” and even has her own collection with global fashion and lifestyle online retailer, SHEIN. 

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Keith Urban Has Two Breakfasts On Show Days

Keith Urban’s concert rider requires two breakfasts (one before and after his workout) plus free range meat and organic vegetables. Also on Keith’s rider; hummus and select a size paper towels.



Tim McGraw Is Proud Of His Top Dog

Tim McGraw turned to social media to share his pride in his four-legged baby. The Bracco Italiano dog named Lepshi won "Best of Breed" at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show which recently took place at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Queens, New York.

Tim shared a couple pictures on Instagram writing, "So proud of Lepshi!! He's always been a winner in our eyes! Lepshi won best of breed today for the Bracco Italiano, the first year for the breed at Westminster." reports that the six-year-old pup was eliminated in the semi-finals, but made the judge's "initial cuts in his group," according to Associated Press.





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Chris Stapleton, Lainey Wilson Win Big At ACM Awards

Chris Stapleton won Entertainer of the Year at Thursday night’s (5-11),  ACM Awards. As he got emotional, he acknowledged his family and said “They give up a lot of my time and a lot of my wife's time so we can go do this. This is for them.” Though he’s been nominated before, this was his first win for Entertainer.

Dolly Parton, who won Female Artist of the Year in 1980 announced Lainey Wilson as this year’s recipient. Stepping up to the microphone, she said, “I can’t believe I just met Dolly Parton!” It was a big night for Lainey, she also won the coveted Album of the Year and shared two awards with HARDY for Best Visual Media as well as Best Music Event for “Wait in The Truck.” HARDY also picked up Artist-Songwriter of the Year.

Morgan Wallen won Best Male Artist, but wasn’t in attendance.

Cole Swindell’s hit, “She Had Me At Heads Carolina” picked up both Song and Single of the Year. Cole told the audience, “I don’t know what I ever did to get this fortunate.”

Brothers Osborne won Best Duo and Old Dominion won Group of the Year.

The show was packed with live performances from Keith Urban, Jason Aldean, Miranda Lambert, as well as a powerful duet from Luke Combs and Ed Sheeran.

While the ACM Awards historically aired on network television, this year marked their 2nd year to be streamed and network free. Hosted by Dolly Parton and Garth Brooks, the 58th Academy of Country Music Awards was held in Frisco, Texas.




Entertainer of the Year

  • Chris Stapleton

Album of the Year

  • Bell Bottom Country - Lainey Wilson

Female Artist of the Year

  • Lainey Wilson

Male Artist of the Year

  • Morgan Wallen

Duo of the Year

  • Brothers Osborne

Group of the Year

  • Old Dominion

New Female Artist of the Year

  • Hailey Whitters

New Male Artist of the Year

  • Zach Bryan

Single of the Year

  • She Had Me at Heads Carolina - Cole Swindell

Song of the Year

  • She Had Me at Heads Carolina - Tim Nichols, Cole Swindell, Ashley Gorley, and Mark D. Sanders

Visual Media of the Year

  • Wait in the Truck - HARDY feat. Lainey Wilson

Music Event of the Year

  • Wait in the Truck - HARDY feat. Lainey Wilson

Artist-Songwriter of the Year


Songwriter of the Year

  • Ashley Gorley


T.J. of Brothers Osborne commented about the show being moved to Dallas

  • [“You know what’s funny, in our schedule, I forgot this was in Texas until about one day before we left. I was looking at my itinerary and I was like alright we’re going to Vegas, wait, we’re going to Dallas! That’s way easier. So it’s definitely different. It’s a different vibe. Even being at the hotel, everybody’s a little confused, t’s like being in an odd dream. Like we’re at the ACM’s but we’re in Dallas.”] SOUNDCUE :26 (OC: but we’re in Dallas)

Chris Stapleton- Entertainer of the year

  • "By any imaginable metric I don't deserve this but, thank you. There are so many other great people in this category and I get through and I stand up and I play music, that's what I try to do everynight. I write songs and I make records and I never thought of myself as someone who would win this award. I'm so grateful to every person that works so hard to make us do what we do. My wife, thank you. Folks in management, red light management, universal. All the guys on the road touring. My band and crew, we have the greatest band in crew in the whole [bleep] world and that is the truth. I'm literally at a loss of words to say but I wanna kids sitting home...they give up a lot of my time; a lot of my wife's time so we can go do this. This is for them."

Jelly Roll Documentary Set to Release May 30th

Jelly Roll will be the focus of an ABC News documentary called "Jelly Roll: Save Me", which tells the story of his journey of redemption and struggles with mental health and addiction. “Jelly Roll: Save Me” begins streaming Tuesday, May 30th exclusively on Hulu. The 38-year-old was incarcerated as a teen and adult, and is now using the power of his platform to raise awareness and funds for at-risk youth across the country.

Morgan Wallen Forced to Cancel Shows

Morgan Wallen has been forced to cancel his upcoming shows and appearances for the next six weeks after being ordered on vocal rest by his doctors yesterday (Tuesday, May 9th). He shared the upsetting news with a video message to fans explaining that he re-injured his vocal cords following three shows this past weekend. Morgan's cancelations also include his scheduled performance at the ACM Awards on Thursday (May 11th). 


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Thomas Rhett is a Swiftie

Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren are massive Swifties! The couple headed out to Nashville's Nissan Stadium over the weekend to catch one of three nights of Taylor Swift's 2023 "Eras Tour". After the fact, Rhett recapped the experience on Instagram, along with a checklist of all the highlights from the show.  Taylor's Sunday night performance was delayed for several hours due to lightning advisories in the area. Regardless, once she was cleared, Taylor hit the stage and performed her entire three-hour set as planned. 




Cole Swindell Announces Engagement

Cole Swindell took to Facebook this afternoon to announce his engagement! He shared this post, below, with the caption: "Still couldn’t tell ya everything I said down on one knee.. All I know is she said “YES”! We’re so excited!" Congratulations, Cole!



Jelly Roll's Felon Foodtruck

As co-owner of the Rolling With Jelly food truck in Nashville, Jelly Roll has one strict company policy -- he ONLY hires felons. He says, "Our mission statement is, we only hire second-chance guys. Every other place in the world is like, 'If you got a felony, you can't work here.' We're only hiring felons. They run the food truck and come out on tour with us some nights." Jelly Roll said he and his food truck partner, Jerry Gift, Jr., have both "been in and out of jail, been through it all together."  Jelly Roll and Gift will celebrate the food truck's one-year anniversary this summer.  Jelly Roll’s new album, Whitsitt Chapel, drops June 2nd.