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9 Things to Do While Staying Home

Thanks to amazing technology, there are many ways we can make the most of being required to stay home while CoVid-19 is active. Not only are we able to do our part in flattening the curve, we can better ourselves during this time!


Here are 9 of the best things you can do while staying home!


1.Have Food Delivered

You can have your favorite dine-in restaraunt food delivered straight to your doorstep.


Many restaurants are offering delivery, even if they never had the option before. So be sure to check with your local businesses for that option. Additionally, a lot of local restaurants work with companies like DoorDash to offer delivery on take-out orders.


DoorDash has an easy to use app. Or go to their website to order.


2. Watch Disney and Pixar Movies

Disney has been so great during these uncertain times. Movie Theaters may be closed but we can still stream new releases!


Frozen 2 has been released on Disney+, ahead of schedule. You can also rent the newest film, Onward, from nearly any streaming movie rental service.


Having a Disney+ account gives you access to hundreds of classic and new Disney, Pixar and Marvel movies. The positive stories come at a good time. Let's face it. We can all use a little heartwarming message in our lives right now.


3. Take a Home Safari

Every weekday at 3pm, the Cincinnati Zoo introduces different animals in a live feed! From rhinos, penguins to sloths, the Zookeepers are sharing an inside look every day, for FREE!


If you miss a day or want to catch up, they have all of the past live feeds available on YouTube.


4. Attend a FREE Live Concert (Virtually)

From Garth Brooks and Neil Diamond to Luke combs and Morgan Wallen, many of the country legends as well as the new country music stars are performing live concerts through social media! 


Follow Kicks96 on Facebook! We have been sharing a lot of the announcements for upcoming Live Country Concerts.


5. Get Healthy with Free Workouts

It seems many of us now have a little extra time on our hands. It's prime time to get back into a fitness routine, right? Of course! Not only do we have extra time but there are many gyms offering free online workouts! Here are a few:



6. Read a Book

Reading is a great way to fight anxiety and escape reality. There are a lot of resources for reading e-books for free. Check your local library website to start. 


Additionally, you can take advantage of Kindle's list of free e-books. Google Play and Apple Books both also have free digital books offered regularly.



7. Hike the Great Wall of China

Don't let the Coronavirus stop you from traveling during Spring Break! Well, at least not virtually. One place you must-see is the Great Wall of China! You can enjoy a virtual hike on the wall and learn its history without risking the virus or spending any money.



8. Go on an Art Museum Hop

Similar to going on a virtual vacation to China, you can also visit many art museums around the world in just one day! Take your own virtual tours of the following museums.



9. Facetime With Loved Ones

Missing your family and friends? Take advantage of the many ways you can still stay in touch. Facetime your grandparents, skype with your mom,  or use Zoom to meet up with a group of friends and have a glass of wine. 


Netflix is even hosting watch parties. You and your friends can get together virtually, sync up your favorite show or movie and chat while watching!



Staying social and active is important to our mental health. We can and will get through this difficult time. We are in this together and will make the best of the situation!


Stay Safe, Healthy and Smart.


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