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(Richmond, IN)--Amanda Cooper was no longer listed as a patient at Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton Friday.  Cooper is the Richmond woman trapped for six hours in her car after crashing on Wernle Road Thursday.  One of the two Union County utility lineman who found her is Brad Wildman.  "I put my jacket around her legs to kind of warm her up and I put my gloves on her feet to try and keep her warm," Wildman said.  The other lineman is Mark Bell.  "I just did what you'd want anybody else to do for you if you were in that position," Bell said.  Wayne County Sheriff Jeff Cappa considers both men heroes.  "I think it's wonderful that they located her and they should be commended for doing that," Cappa said.  Cooper said that slick roads led to the crash. (Audio for this story and the photograph are courtesy of our news partners at WHIO-TV).