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(Richmond, IN)--Richmond Police Chief Kris Wolski calls it a Quad Copter.  Some may call it a drone.  Whatever it’s called, it’s now a part of RPD’s equipment.  Officers trained a few weeks ago on the use of the $1800 piece of equipment.  Wolski said the idea came about last year after a crash took out the canopy at the Speedway on Chester Boulevard.  "Because that was such a wide, spread-out incident that aerial photos would help if there was going to be any prosecution," Wolski explained.  The quad copter will not be used for other investigations.  "If you start flying over people's houses, you've got other legal issues in terms of invasion of privacy or whatever.  Our primary goal right now is just for filming crime scenes and accident scenes," Wolski said.  The department is currently working on getting FAA authorization.

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