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(Richmond, IN)--Richmond Common Council Member Don Winget was given the nod to run again when the Wayne County Election Board unanimously rejected a residency challenge Monday.  Winget owns a home in Union County.  Monday, he called it a weekend retreat, but added this.  "I do visit that home a minimum of one time a day.  If we lose power down there on the house, it could be detrimental to the home itself.  It is a fairly expensive home and I watch it on a regular basis."  Winget’s attorney took a shot at challenger Mike Drook, calling Drook’s challenge “sour grapes” because Drook, as an RP&L employee, learned he could not run against Winget.  "I don't have any sour grapes.  I'm not here for a Democrat or Republican.  I'm here for an ethics issue," Drook said.  According to Winget’s attorney, who referred to an Indiana Supreme Court ruling involving Evan Bayh, it’s really irrelevant even if Winget does live in Union County.  David Murphy said the court determined that a person who leaves his residence temporarily with plans to return has not lost residency.  Murphy said there is no time limit.

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