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(Richmond, IN)--Richmond police believe they’ve found the people responsible for at least three of the seven armed robberies in the city this month.  26-year-old John Wilkie Junior was arrested Monday after allegedly trying to rob La Mexicana on North West 5th.  His wife, 32-year-old Jennifer Anderson, was also taken into custody.  Investigators believe the pair is responsible for robbing Hornak’s Liquor Mart last Saturday night and a Village Pantry last week.  Five other armed robberies remain under investigation.  The couple  was caught Monday with the help of a very observant clerk.  That man refused to hand over money to Wilkie, even though Wilkie put a gun in his face.  Wilkie ran out, but the clerk was able to give a good description to officers, who caught Wilkie after a foot chase.  The weapon Wilkie allegedly used was recovered.