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A bus carrying kids from the Boys and Girls Club was struck by a man who was allegedly under the influence of drugs yesterday. It happened in the first block of South 15th Street in Richmond. 46-year-old Greg Gomez crossed into the bus’s path. The collision sent some of the kids flying upward, causing them to hit their heads on the top of the bus. A few were taken to Reid Hospital to be checked out. Gomez lives just a couple of blocks from the crash site and is in the Wayne County Jail today.


*UPDATE* Boys and Girls Club officials are asking Kicks 96 and The Point News to clarify that no children were taken from the scene of yesterday's crash to Reid Hospital (although at least two went later). They also wanted it stressed that the bus driver was not in any way at fault, and that statements from children that they hit their heads on the top of the bus may have been exaggerated due to the stress caused by the crash.

Richmond, IN WEATHER