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(Richmond, IN)--Reid Hospital is becoming a teaching hospital.  "This is a historic day at Reid," said CEO Craig Kinyon when he announced Tuesday that Reid has partnered with Marian University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine.  It means that up to 18 doctors will be training in Richmond with the hope that some will establish a practice here.  "The truth is, without physicians, we really can't do anything.  We can't provide care.  We can't fulfill our mission.  And, we can't serve patients.  We know that physicians are vital to our existence now and going forward," Kinyon added.  Residents will take part in a three-year program in which they’ll work closely with established physicians.  Reid Hospital currently has openings for more than three dozen doctors.  That’s why Tuesday’s announcement is vitally important to the Whitewater Valley.  "One thing we do need is doctors.  We'll make our dent in that need through our training program," said Jon Ford, Reid’s Board Chairman.  Six new medical school graduates each year will train at Reid.