Local News


(Webster, IN)--The National Weather Service was in Wayne County Sunday and confirmed that it was a tornado that touched down early Saturday night near the intersection of State Route 38 and Round Barn Road.  One resident knew it was a tornado.  "Because of the way the tree is twisted and pulled out of the ground."  The tornado had an estimated wind speed of 85 miles per hour and was on the ground for a mile and a half.  And, according to Christy Hetisimer, it came with no warning.  "All of a sudden you heard a lot of commotion...stuff blowing off the porch.  (Her husband) opened the door and said to get in the basement," Hetisimer said.  There were no injuries.  The Fountain City Fire Department will be operating with just two vehicles after Saturday night’s storm.  Firefighters were east of town in a tanker trying to spot severe weather when the truck went off of Arba Pike near Fountain City Pike and rolled onto its side.  One firefighter suffered a minor injury.  Insurance will cover the loss of the truck.