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(Richmond, IN)--Former Crain Sanitarium owner Kris Nelson indicated Tuesday that he would take steps to reclaim that property at the corner of 22nd and East Main near Glen Miller Park.  Ben and Heaven Johnson bought that building on contract from Nelson with plans to renovate.  Heaven Johnson pled guilty Tuesday to stealing from Menard’s last week.  Some red flags arose almost immediately for Nelson.  According to him, two down payment checks from Johnson and her husband Ben bounced.  Then, at closing, Heaven Johnson submitted an identification card with a different name…Heaven Greer.  She claimed Tuesday that she brought the wrong ID with her from California.  The issue with the two different names was not caught at closing.  The name Greer, though, revealed a series of arrests that she has had – all involving fraud.  Also, the social security number that she has used under those two different names is very slightly different.  Meanwhile, at least one additional mechanic’s lien has been filed against Johnson.  She said yesterday that she has not paid because the work has not been completed.  She also claims that work inside the building has continued despite the liens.  Johnson said she plans to continue with the building and others that she’s trying to purchase.  She’s also working to open a consignment shop in the former Knollenberg’s building Uptown.  Tuesday’s guilty plea to stealing from Menard’s is the latest in a series of run-ins with the law for Heaven Johnson.  Several arrests were made a decade ago.  In South Carolina, she was arrested for stealing $163,000 from her parents’ estate.  A bail bondsman there said Tuesday that she jumped bail, a claim backed up by numerous failure to appear entries in court.  She was on probation for other charges in Georgia when those alleged crimes were occurring.  Before that, Johnson had been arrested for fraud after ordering items on the internet, claiming they never arrived, and getting her money back.  Johnson claimed Tuesday that all of those criminal matters were ultimately dropped.