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From our partners at Newscenter 7:

(Sevier County, TN)--The death toll has risen to seven as a result of eastern Tennessee wildfires.  A Preble County couple, though, saved the lives of two newlyweds.  Rod and Tammy Good were in their cabin with fire rapidly approaching.  Tammy wanted to leave.  Rod wanted to stay and water the cabin down.  "I kept telling her to wait a little bit...I'm watching it...it'll be fine," Rod Good said.  That’s when two honeymooning Nebraska newlyweds ran up because they could not get down the mountain and were trapped by fire.  It's God's intervention.  That's all I can say.  There's some reason I wanted to stay when she wanted to leave," Good added.  All four piled into the Goods’ vehicle.  "I didn't have time to be nervous.  I was too concentrated on missing the fire, missing the burning logs, and getting down the mountain," Good explained.  They made it down safely.